Robot Network Server is a software module of the Robot Commander Suite of Robot software that was developer to build a GUI to interface with the Maestro controller. Robot Network Server is an easy to use software tool to harness all the capabilities of the Maestro controller. The hardware interfaces of the Maestro permits the manipulation of Servos, Switch Relays and Sensors. The real world applications are numerous. The Business can implement remote monitoring and response systems using this Software Client. Please note that the Robot Network Client module is required.

Publisher Comment

       Manage your Home/Business with ease using the Robot Network Server software!
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     Main Features
  • No coding required.
  • Managed via IP Client Module
  • Configure up to 24 Servos, Sensors & Relays per Controller.
  • Supports  up to 24 Controllers per IP Server Module
  • Capable of being used for property or security management needs
  • Ability to set triggers to execute an action based on sensor input
  • Highly configurable to adapt to many desired configurations or scenarios.
  • Development using API
  • VPN Object for Private Network Peer to Peer
  • Winsock TCP integration into PHP and Java Client side development MultiUser
  • Developer Products

Easily integrate into your Home/Office or Security systems to automate and manage via your PC or Laptop!

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What's NEW in 2012

1) Powerful High Level Scripting 
2) Scripting Debugger
3) Enhanced Server API Document
4) Developer DLL/COM Ojects
5) Improved GUI
6) MultiUser Capability