FTP Scheduler Pro is an easy to use FTP file management tool that helps you to automate repetitive tasks with ease. Just simply create a schedule using the easy GUI by entering basic FTP site information (Host, Login/Pass, Port) and set the time (once daily, every hour or real time). FTP Scheduler comes with powerful features such as support for Secure FTP protocols, ability archive and compress/uncompress files and search for files using wildcards, search file content and explore sub folders when you are not sure where the file resides. Please see below which details more of the feature rich functionality.

Publisher Comment

      Automate your FTP Transfers in minutes with easy-to-use FTP Scheduling software!
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     Main Features
  • Automate Repetitive manual FTP transfers.
  • Support for Standard and Secure (SSH, SSL TTL) FTP Protocols.
  • Search using Wildcards.
  • Ability to Search file content as the criteria to find the file.
  • Ability to search files recursively in sub-folders.
  • Compress/Uncompress files using the Zip algorithm before/after file transfers.
  • Ability to archive files using flexible renaming (date/time) stampsABility to embed Batch Scripting to process Before/After transfers 
  • Ability to set # of attempts to retry a transfer if unsuccessful.
  • Extensive file transfer log to trace activities
  • Ability to send email notifications of File transfer success/failure
  • New Pattern Search Tool (HexSearch)

   Reduce overhead and execute
   complicated File Tranfer and
   Management tasks with ease!

   Buy for US$150
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What's NEW?

1) Supports Win 7 (32/64)
2) New  Ver 7.2.7! (10/7/2013)