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LCD Bitmap Converter
LCD Bitmap Converter

The LCD Bitmap Converter
can convert any 24bit BMP File
into a Textual Hex code
& Vice Versa
    Progwhiz LCD BMP Converter


    • Convert BMP files into Textual code
    • Convert textual bitmap code into a BMP
    • Supports 1bit(Black and White)
    • Supports 2bit (4 colour or 4 grey scale)
    • Supports 4bit (16 colour or 16 grey scale)
    • Auto detects BMP image dimensions
    • Auto fixes incorrect dimensions from Textual Hexi decimal code
    • Produces output in Hex and Binary as required for E.g. 0x02, 0x3A for Hex and B1111000, B10101111 for Binary
    • Please set the desired X & Y Resolution before Creating/Saving TXT file
    • Please set the X & Y Resolution before Opening TXT file to display properly

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Upgraded in June 2019!
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